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Flip City

Who’s Gino?

Gino is the go-to WisePenguin for everything you could ever need. Learning the ropes at a very early age, Gino discovered that he had a natural talent at brokering deals and getting his flippers on “specialty” items that other penguins might need. A kingmaker of sorts, Gino carries himself like a simple businesspenguin - buy for 1, sell for 2.

Gino’s Establishments

With his ever-growing grip on Flip City’s underground commerce, Gino has his flippers in a little bit of everything. Need somebody to protect your $FLIP in a safe? Need some firepower and maybe some game boosters for a round? How about a sit-down with The Commission to discuss a little problem you need taken care of? If you need it, Gino’s got it. And if he doesn’t got it, then you don’t need it!

Wisepenguins don’t use banks. At Gino’s Finance all of your family’s financial needs are covered. Visit the safe to claim your daily $FLIP yield.

Visit Gino's Finance

Heat around the corner? Need a new identity? You’ve come to the right place! For the low cost of 66 $FLIP, Gino know’s a penguin who knows a penguin who can fix you up.

Visit Gino's Passports

Located in the basement of a secret, nondescript building, this is where you get the stuff you can’t get elsewhere. Spend your $FLIP for a variety of items like in-game boosters, reservation passes, and more.

Visit Gino's Market

Reserved for only the most deserving Penguins, the Ristorante is where your characters can be leveled up. Capos become Bosses, and Bosses become Dons. You’ll need a Reservation Pass NFT to get in though so good luck with that…

Visit Gino's Restaurant