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Flip City

What Is Flip City?

Flip City is a browser-based incremental strategy game utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. You play the role of a power-hungry WisePenguin who will stop at nothing to rise to the top of the criminal underworld by selling fish, building an empire, eliminating the competition and stacking as much $FLIP as possible.

Our ecosystem is based on a “Play-To-Own” framework, which means that whatever prizes or game assets you win/create/acquire, you fully own. Unlike traditional gaming where you’re restricted to in-game economies that have no use outside of the platform, in Flip City, you can buy/sell/trade assets with any web3 marketplace that allows Ethereum-based NFTs to trade. That means you own your assets outside of Flip City itself.

The game is free to play but is restricted to token-gated access, so in order to join you’ll need to own either a Flip City Penguin NFT, or an NFT from an “Outsider” project. The NFT will serve as your in-game character for the duration of a round and any game stats or achievements will travel with that specific character from owner to owner.

The gaming mechanics in general put a strong emphasis on resource management, risk vs. reward calculations and strategic development. Or you can, you know, just kill all your enemies and call it a day. Build your family, steal other players’ resources, balance offensive/defensive attacks and more. Each round lasts one month and then resets, with prizes being distributed via smart contract.

As a whole, Flip City is an exercise in storytelling and world building. Though the game itself is core, Flip City expands into a larger ecosystem with several engagements sprawled all across the blockchain. Collect $FLIP from your safe in the Finance Office, rename your character by creating a new passport, visit Gino’s Restaurant to level up and browse the marketplace to mint in-game boosters and more. The goal is to not only build a fun game, but to create a larger, more holistic experience.

Our Story

The Flip City project was born in the Summer of 2021 with the intention of building a robust gaming ecosystem that could scale beyond a single entry point. The incorporation of Web3 allowed us to not only put an emphasis on building a fun game, but to include other aspects which we felt were imperative to what we were building: community and ownership.

Our team comes from a lineage of hardcore gaming, with most members still being very active today in their respective communities: competitive fighters (Street Fighter, MvC, KoF, Smash), competitive TCGs (Magic: The Gathering), first-person shooters (CoD, Tarkov), MMORPGs (Dota, League), classic games (chess, backgammon, gin) and we can’t forget Initial D, which quite frankly belongs on its own pedestal.

We wanted to take the things we loved about games and throw them all together: competition, trash talking, prizes, collectability, team work, bumming a ride to the arcade, putting up your token on the machine to signal “I got next” and so much more.

With Flip City, we took all of our experiences and injected Web3 elements and blockchain tech in order to allow players to own their assets and have agency over their experiences. Have you ever wanted to own your own character and your gaming records? What about redeeming prizes and not worrying about losing access to an old gaming account that’ll wipe everything? Well, here’s your chance! The blockchain doesn’t lie and if you rise to the top - everybody will know it and your bragging rights will be written in stone. And if you happen to win a cool prize or level up your character, you never have to worry about losing access to them or anybody interfering with anything. You’re in control of your own destiny.